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Regenerative Graft Could Reduce Heart Surgeries

Coronary artery disease and congenital cardiovascular defects often require multiple surgeries that pose a variety of serious risks to the patient. A development from Hopkins engineers could potentially minimize those surgical risks.

Catalyst for Green Energy

A new method of increasing the reactivity of ultrathin nanosheets could someday make fuel cells for hydrogen cars cheaper.


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Beating the Odds

Meet three students who hit their stride at Johns Hopkins, thanks largely to a supportive program that helps them thrive.

The Heart of Innovation

Even under the best circumstances, clinical trials in medicine are notoriously lengthy and costly—so much so, says Misti Ushio ’94, that many researchers shy away from taking risks with trial design and the interventions they’re testing.

Gerecht Elected to the National Academy of Medicine

Sharon Gerecht was recognized for her “seminal studies on the interactions between stem cells and their microenvironments and for engineering artificial cell microenvironments capable of guiding vascular differentiation, delivery, and regeneration of tissues.”

Power Tower

The annual Tower of Power contest challenges teams of undergraduates, graduate students, staff members, alumni, and area middle school students to engineer the tallest possible towers from uncooked pasta and marshmallows.