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So Long, Equations; Goodbye, Variables

Yannis Kevrekidis and his collaborators work on algorithms that exploit data to enhance, or even circumvent, conventional modeling of chemical and biological systems, and help scientists better predict system behavior—from reaction rates to materials properties.

Go Figure

In a class fondly known as Senior Lab, chemical and biomolecular engineering students begin to transform from passive receivers of knowledge into engineers who troubleshoot equipment quirks and adjust experiments on the fly.

Shape-Changing Soft Robots

Biochemical engineers at Johns Hopkins University have used sequences of DNA molecules to induce shape changing in water- based gels, demonstrating a new tactic to produce soft robots and “smart” medical devices that do not rely on cumbersome wires, batteries, or tethers.

Toward Better Pharmaceuticals

Producing drugs in living systems has given new hope for treating diseases for which there were previously no effective therapies.

Molecular Bridge Building

In a microscopic feat that resembled a high-wire circus act, a Whiting School team has coaxed DNA nanotubes to assemble themselves into bridgelike structures arched between two molecular landmarks on the surface of a lab dish.

Change of Guard at INBT

Professors Sharon Gerecht and Hai-Quan Mao have assumed leadership of Johns Hopkins University’s Institute for NanoBioTechnology, succeeding Peter Searson and Denis Wirtz.

Cancer’s Quest for Oxygen

Cancer cells need oxygen to survive. But scientists had never tracked cancer cells’ search for oxygen in their early growth stages until now—moving medicine a step closer to understanding one way that cancer spreads.


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