Fall 2011

Data Driven Features

As computing ability jumps by leaps and bounds, researchers wrestle with making the best use—and reuse—of all that data.

Lifesaving Solutions Features

For biomedical engineering students working in the world’s poorest regions, necessity is the mother of invention.

Big Blue Baby Features

When an earthquake strikes, when a hurricane hits, what causes screws to separate from sheets of drywall? Ben Schafer’s “Big Blue Baby” is providing the answers.

Letter from the Dean From The Dean

Every year, I am invigorated by the energy, dedication, and creativity of our engineering undergraduates here on the Homewood campus.

Storm Chasers Big Ideas

JHU researchers predict which areas will be without electricity during a storm.

Mapping the Mind Big Ideas

The Open Connectome Project helps scientists understand neurological diseases.

The Buzz Big Ideas

Digital dumping ground, spear phishing, and other engineering terms.

So Random Big Ideas

Fluid dynamics shows the random nature of particle movement.

Membranes Matter Big Ideas

Kalina Hristova probes the mechanics and physics of a cell membrane.

Faculty Awards Big Ideas

Noah Cowan wins the PECASE Award, and others.

Lab Notes Big Ideas

Tiny chemo factories, robot red carpet, and other laboratory notes.

Making the Rounds Currents

Innovating in Baltimore: Back home, CBID students work with Johns Hopkins clinicians to engineer new tools and methods to improve health care.

A Promising Partnership Currents

A Promising Partnership: The Center for Bioengineering Innovation and Design joins an international partnership to protect the health of pregnant women and newborns.

A Dream Realized Currents

Shant Kenderian MS, PhD ’02 discusses his book 1001 Nights in Iraq.

Final Exam: Cool Ideas Final Exam

Climate Showcase promotes energy efficiency in Baltimore nonprofits.