Headshot of Keynon BellKeynon Bell, Year 2

Department: Chemical Biology Interface

Research: Drug Delivery and Biomaterials

Professional Interests: Industry, Biotech, Government


Headshot of Travis BradyTravis Brady, Year 2

Department: Biomedical Engineering​

Research: Cardiovascular disease/stem cells

Professional Interests: Biotech (product design), STEM education


Headshot of Drew Grant

Drew Grant, Year 5

Department: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Research: Acoustic Event Detection and Audio Signal Processing​

Professional Interests: Research & development


Headshot of Sarah Haile

Sara Haile, Year 6

Department: Biophysics and Biophysical Chemistry

Research: Biochemical characterization of a transcriptional coactivator complex

Professional Interests: Industry research, patient advocacy


Headshot of Franklyn Hall

Franklyn Hall, Year 5

Department: Biomedical Engineering

Research: iPSC Modeling of Marfan Syndrome

Professional Interests: Pharmaceutical Development


Headshot of Brent Ifemembi

Brent Ifemembi, Year 3

Department: Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Research: Personalized diagnostics for predicting metastasis and precision care

Professional Interests: Entrepreneurship, Industry (Biotech), Consulting

Headshot of Adrian Johnston

Adrian Johnston, Year 4

Department: Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Research: Novel CAR-T cell immunotherapy for cancer patients with solid tumors

Professional Interests: Biotech Entrepreneurship (Founder & CEO)

Headshot of Ama Koranteng

Ama Koranteng

Department: Computer Science

Research: Graph algorithms

Professional Interests: Undecided


Headshot of Nelson Ndahiro

Nelson Ndahiro

Department: Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Research: Studying the intersection of mathematical modeling and bioengineering to improve bioprocesses for gene therapy and other biopharmaceutical products


Headshot of Mary OmotosoMary Omotoso, Year 4

Department: Biomedical Engineering

Research: How biomaterials and metabolites can be used to expand rare antigen specific memory T cells​

Professional Interests: Government (CDC), R&D, Project management

Headshot of Alexis Pena

Alexis Peña, Year 5

Department: Biomedical Engineering

Research: Immune response to biologics

Professional Interests: Industry


Headshot of Seun RomiluyiSeun Romiluyi, Year 5

Department: Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Research: Using computation to study the solution processing of perovskite solar cells

Professional Interests: Application of data science and machine learning tools in the fields of energy, tech, and manufacturing at a corporate level.\

Headshot of Joselyn Yamamoto

Joselyn Yamamoto, Year 4

Department: Biology – CMDB Program

Research: Investigate the role of sympathetic innervation of the pancreas during pregnancy

Professional Interests: Industry, Biotech, Non-profit

Headshot of Briana Whitehead

Briana Whitehead, Year 3

Department: Biophysics – PMB Program

Research: Development of Structural and Biophysical Approaches to Study RTK Mechanisms

Professional Interests: Government, Industry, Consulting, Military

Headshot of Beza Woldemeskel,Beza Woldemeskel, Year 5

Department: Infectious Disease – CMM Program

Research: Characterizing T cell responses to coronaviruses and HIV/AIDS

Professional Interests: Drug discovery, startup/biotechnology