Vivien Thomas Scholars Initiative

The Vivien Thomas Scholars Initiative is an endowed fellowship program at Johns Hopkins for PhD students in STEM fields. It provides full tuition, stipend, and benefits while also providing targeted mentoring, networking, community, and professional development opportunities. Students who have attended a historically black college and university or other minority serving institution for undergraduate study are eligible to apply.

Percy Pierre Fellowship

The Percy Pierre Doctoral Fellowships recognizes outstanding incoming graduate students from underrepresented backgrounds who will contribute both to the intellectual life of their departments and to that of the broader graduate community.

2022 Percy Pierre Fellows

  • Chris Acha

    Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

  • Noah Barnes

    Mechanical Engineering

  • Savannah Hays, Percy Pierre Fellow pictured smiling.

    Savannah Hays

    Electrical and Computer Engineering West Virginia University Morgantown

  • Laura McDaniel

    Electrical and Computer Engineering Morgan State University  

  • Andy Nelson

    Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering  


Alli Abolarin, Dean Scholar

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering 

Manuel Ayala, Dean Scholar

Mechanical Engineering 

Kyle Kaeo, Dean Scholar

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering 

Kwame Markin, Dean Scholar

Electrical and Computer Engineering 

Lorena Velásquez, Dean Scholar

Mechanical Engineering 

Gwenyth Portillo Wightman, Dean Scholar

Computer Science 

Ephrata Zelleke, Dean Scholar 

Electrical and Computer Engineering