Our Engineering Application (AY22-23) is open for submission. Apply now for available start terms for through Fall 2023. Our next admissions cycle begins mid-August 2023 for spring, summer, and fall 2024 start terms.  

Visit Explore Engineering Degrees to find your program of interest. Application deadlines and requirements vary by degree program. All application materials are due at the time of submission, and Engineering Graduate Admissions will not accept updated or replacement materials via email.  

Visit Engineering for Professionals for information and requirements to our part-time/online master’s degrees and certificate programs offered in the Whiting School of Engineering. 

For information regarding the policies for Combined/Concurrent Degree Students, please visit the Graduate Affairs website.

Policies for Combined/Concurrent Degree Students

Many of the Whiting School departments offer bachelor’s/master’s (concurrent) degree programs, allowing a student to pursue a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree at the same time. Visit the Graduate & Postdoctoral Affairs website for policy details regarding Combined/Concurrent Degrees.

Learn more about Combined Degrees within the Whiting School of Engineering.


Dean’s Master’s Fellowship

Every JHU student enrolled in a concurrent BS/MSE program will be awarded a Dean’s Master’s Fellowship, covering half their full-time tuition in semesters (not in intersession or summer terms or when in a part-time status), after they have completed eight semesters at JHU, or an adjusted time at JHU if a transfer student (six or four semesters, depending on transfer status). Contact your department directly to determine if this option is available to you.


Application Process and When to Apply

To apply, complete the current Engineering Application. Select the Combined Bachelor’s/Master’s option, and the application fee is automatically waived.

The Whiting School requires that:

  1. an undergraduate student apply to a combined student status no later than the end of the first semester of their senior year (typically a student’s 7th semester), or in other words, their second-to-last semester of undergraduate study, and
  2. an undergraduate student be admitted and enrolled by their graduate program no later than the start of their eighth/final undergraduate semester.

Note that individual departments may have earlier deadlines. JHU undergraduates interested in pursuing a WSE master’s degree concurrently should check with the prospective graduate program to determine its application deadline, application requirements and degree requirements for the concurrent degree program. 

Any combined status enrollments received during the 8th/final semester of a student’s undergraduate degree or after an undergraduate has received their degree conferral will be returned to the department to be reprocessed as a new graduate student application and enrollment.