Meet The Flock

Get ready to fly!

The WSE Meet the Flock Program is scheduled for Wednesday, August 21 during JHU New Student Orientation. You will meet your fellow fledgling blue jays and begin to establish relationships with other members of your flock.

Meet the WSE Flock at New Student Orientation

Each fall, all incoming WSE students assemble to meet their flock–the faculty, staff, and administrators with whom they are likely to interact most frequently during their first year in the Whiting School of Engineering.

Students gathered at a table in from of a screen displaying a slide stating "Meet the Flock."
Students gathered at tables in with a screen in the background displaying a slide stating "Meet the Flock."
Students gathered at a table with index cards.

Who’s the Flock?

Your flock consists of people who help guide different aspects of your experience as an undergraduate engineering student at JHU. Your flock is here to help you thrive as an engineer, scholar, and as a person. Each WSE student has the support of their Hopkins Flock in their undergraduate journey.

Faculty Mentor

A faculty mentor brings their engineering expertise to develop a collaborative learning relationship with and serve as a role model for the student. First-year students are matched with a startup mentor who may mentor them for their entire undergraduate career. By a student’s second year, a student’s faculty mentor must be affiliated with the department of their primary major.

Your faculty mentor is someone who can…

  • introduce you to the Whiting School of Engineering as an institution, and what it means to be a part of it.
  • support your academic socialization–ask and answer questions regarding engineering, how do we do it, and why do we do it.
  • model how to effectively engage within our community in ways that build mutual respect.
  • provide engineering-specific guidance as you plan your course schedule each semester.

Professional Academic Advisor

— or —

Academic Advisor / Success Coach

All students are assigned a Professional Academic Advisor. Your professional academic advisor delivers timely, accurate, and practical advice to students related to academic policies, requirements, and degree completion. FLI students have a specialized type of professional academic advisor called an Academic Advisor / Success Coach. Your AA/SC serves as a professional academic advisor that provides additional holistic coaching and support.

Your professional academic advisor or academic advisor/success coach…

  • clarifies university and school policies and how they apply to your situation.
  • provides guidance on using university systems such as the Student Information System (SIS) and Student Account and Enrollment Management (SEAM).
  • connects you with support services if you are having academic difficulties or are otherwise in distress.
  • helps you stay on track for fulfilling the requirements of your degree and major.
  • must review your course enrollments with you before you can register for classes each term.

Life Design Educator

A Life Design educator helps students explore the various resources, opportunities, and networks available to them that will shape their futures. This relationship is built in the context that there is no one way to move through Hopkins, or to live your life.

Your life design educator…

  • helps you make connections with alumni and industry partners that are useful for exploring careers and internship opportunities.
  • provides guidance on making and maintaining your ePortfolio.
  • gives feedback on improving your CV.

Extend Your Flock

Learn more about other resources for advising, engineering development, holistic development, equity and inclusion, and wellness.