Academic Affairs

The Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs oversees the academic programs of the Whiting School of Engineering at Johns Hopkins University.


Our Mission


Student Academic Support

Provisioning resources for student success.

Academic Policies and Procedures

Articulating clear and robust administrative practices.


Attending to the review of our programs by external stakeholders.

Program Improvement

Innovating our academic offerings and pedagogical approaches.

Information and Resources

Academic Offerings

Read about school-wide academic offerings, such as Gateway Computing/Bootcamp courses, Hopkins Engineering Applications & Research Tutorials and Hopkins Engineering Research-Opened Investigation Courses (HEART and HEROIC courses), First-Year Seminars, and the Hopkins Semester opportunity.

WSE Teaching Policies

Read key policies and recommended practices for WSE faculty. This page is updated every semester.

JHU Teaching Policies

University policies and guidelines related to teaching.

Committee Leadership and Engagement


Instructors’ Resources

The Center for Learning Design & Technology (CLDT) consults on evidence-based learning design principles, offers friendly and efficient technical assistance, constructs innovative and accessible learning environments, and hosts faculty development sessions.

The Center for Teaching Excellence and Innovation (CTEI) provides a variety of programs and services for faculty including training and consultations on teaching resources, instructional technology and tools, and educational innovations.  

Meet Our Leadership Team


Headshot of Dr. Michael Falk, Vice Dean for Undergraduate Education

Michael Falk, PhD

Vice Dean for Undergraduate Education
[email protected]

Headshot of Janet Weise, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Academic Affairs

Janet Weise, MEd

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Academic Affairs
[email protected]

Headshot of Dr. Kimberley Bassett Zing, Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Advising

Kimberley Bassett Zing, PhD

Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Advising
[email protected]

Headshot of Constanza Miranda, Assistant Dean for Faculty Undergraduate Mentoring

Constanza Miranda, PhD

Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Mentoring
[email protected] 


Headshot of Kwame Kutten, Director of Gateway Computing

Kwame Kutten, PhD

Director of Gateway Computing
[email protected]

Headshot of Elizabeth Logsdon, Director of Engineering Design Center

Elizabeth Logsdon, PhD

Director of the Sardella Engineering Design Center
[email protected]

Headshot of Andy Ross, director of First Year Seminars

Andy Ross

Director of First-Year Seminars
[email protected]

Headshot of Liana Mentor, Senior Director for SCAA

Liana C. Mentor, PhD

Senior Director for Success Coaching Program in Academic Advising (SCAA)
[email protected]