WSE Undergraduate Conference Travel Fund 

Opportunities await…

Attending and presenting at conferences can help open doors for professional development and networking. Apply for financial assistance to travel to approved conferences.


With the help of the WSE alumni and the WSE departments, the Whiting School of Engineering has established the WSE Undergraduate Conference Travel Fund. Current, full-time undergraduate students can apply to receive financial assistance of up to $1,200 for traveling to approved conferences.

Recipients of financial assistance may use the money for:

  • conference registration fees
  • airfare
  • lodging
  • anticipated meals
  • other fees as appropriate

All travel arrangements for students who receive funding will be made by the WSE Undergraduate Academic Affairs Office.


A student may only receive this funding once in a twelve-month period. Priority will be given to those who have not applied previously.

Additionally, student organizations traveling to conferences are ineligible for the WSE Undergraduate Conference Travel Fund.


Students applying for funding must submit the conference information and an explanation of why they wish to attend via the online submission form.

In addition, applicants must receive a recommendation from a faculty sponsor. Identify a faculty member to discuss your goals for the conference and request their recommendation before you apply. Your faculty sponsor will receive a link to provide their recommendation after you apply. Your sponsor’s recommendation must be received before the application deadline – be sure to submit the online application with enough advance notice in order to facilitate this.


Applications are reviewed nine times per year with a cutoff of approximately two months before the conference date. Applying for funding as early as possible is recommended.

Decisions are typically made within a two-week time period of each deadline.

Conference Date

Application Due

Notified By

Jan 31, 2024 or after

Nov 3, 2023

Dec 1, 2023

Mar 6, 2024 or after

Jan 10, 2024

Feb 7, 2024

Apr 10, 2024 or after

Feb 14, 2024

Mar 13, 2024

May 15, 2024 or after

Mar 20, 2024

Apr 17, 2024

Jun 19, 2024 or after

Apr 24, 2024

May 22, 2024

Jul 24, 2024 or after *

May 29, 2024

Jun 26, 2024

Aug 28, 2024 or after *

Jul 3, 2024

Jul 31, 2024

Oct 2, 2024 or after *

Aug 7, 2024

Sept 4, 2024

Nov 6, 2024 or after

Sept 11, 2024

Oct 9, 2024

Dec 11, 2024 or after

Oct 16, 2024

Nov 13, 2024

* Note: for conferences occurring in July through October, the application deadline is during the summer.

Post-Conference Reflection

If your application is approved, you will be required to provide a 300-500 word reflection (feel free to include pictures or a 60-second video) of your experience after returning from the conference. Your reflection will be forwarded to the Development and Alumni Relations office.

Additional Information

If you have additional questions, please contact the WSE Advising Office.