Resources and Support

Get to know the people and resources who are here to help you thrive at JHU.


Students have access to different types of advisors who provide information and assistance with general academic polices and requirements.

Professional Academic Advisor ↗

All students are assigned a Professional Academic Advisor. Your academic advisor delivers timely, accurate, and practical advice to students related to academic policies, requirements, and degree completion.

Academic Advisor / Success Coach ↗

First-generation and/or limited-income (FLI) students may have a specialized type of professional academic advisor called an Academic Advisor/Success Coach. Your AA/SC serves as a professional academic advisor that provides additional holistic coaching and support.

Pre-Professional Advisor ↗

Pre-professional advisors work with students who are pre-health or pre-law. These advisors do not replace a student’s professional academic advisor or success coach. Students who are interested in pursuing health or law should visit the Pre-Professional Advising website.

Engineering Mentoring

For specific information and advice about your department and life as an engineer.

Faculty Mentor ↗

A faculty mentor brings their engineering expertise to develop a collaborative learning relationship with and serve as a role model for the student. Each engineering student is assigned a faculty mentor. After the first year, this will be a faculty member from the department of the student’s primary major.

Director of Undergraduate Studies ↗

For every major and minor offered at JHU, there is a designated person who serves as the program’s Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS). They are available to answer curriculum questions and provide clarification about the departmental academic policies.

Academic Program Staff ↗

The Academic Program Staff manage course production, oversee the departmental new student orientation and other events such as Design Day, and work with faculty and professional academic advisors to assist students.

Holistic Development

Not everything is about coursework! Students have opportunities to get advice and get involved to support their personal development towards a bright future.

Life Design Educator ↗

A Life Design Educator helps students explore the various resources, opportunities, and networks available to them that will shape their careers and their futures. This relationship is built in the context that there is no one way to move through Hopkins, or to live your life.

Student Groups ↗

Join a student group and see firsthand how it can help you enhance your college experience, connect to the Hopkins community, develop your leadership skills, and build your sense of school spirit!

Equity and Inclusion

Resources are available to ensure equal access and support to every aspect of life at JHU.

Student Disability Services ↗

Student Disability Services collaborates to create an inclusive community for students with disabilities by proactively removing barriers, raising awareness of equitable practices, and fostering an appreciation of disability as an area of diversity while utilizing a wide range of approaches from universal design to individualized accommodations.

Center for Diversity and Inclusion ↗

The Center for Diversity and Inclusion fosters a sense of belonging for students by providing intentional engagement and holistic support in areas such as gender and sexuality, multicultural affairs, and religious and spiritual life.

Office of International Services ↗

The Office of International Services provides immigration, visa, and travel guidance to the Johns Hopkins University international community in every school.

Center for Student Success ↗

The Center for Student Success serves the first-generation and/or limited-income (FLI) student community with advocates, mentors, signposts, connectors, and guides to navigating college life.

Student Wellness


Student Outreach and Support ↗

Student Outreach and Support helps students manage physical and mental health concerns, personal and family emergencies, financial issues, and other obstacles that may arise during their college experience.

Student Well-Being ↗

The Student Well-Being site is a single destination for student well-being resources including physical, mental, social, sexual, spiritual, financial, professional, and environmental health.

Additional Resources

Visit the JHU Student Affairs Resource Finder to learn about resources in areas including family engagement, arts and music, entrepreneurship, community engagement, fraternities and sororities, athletics, and more!