Research & Development

Winter 2010

High Altitude Attitude

ALUMNI MAKING NEWS: Reid Wiseman, MS ’06, joins NASA’s 2009 astronaut candidate class.

Winter 2010

Modeling Behavior in Nanomaterials

RESEARCH: Michael Falk, associate professor of materials science and engineering, is developing new techniques to simulate changes in materials on the nanometer scale.

Winter 2010

Hope for Neglected Populations

ALUMNI MAKING NEWS: Rebecca Freeman Grais, BA ’95, MS ’97, MS ’99, PhD ’03, tackles the unexamined questions.

Winter 2010

New Faculty

WSE welcomes new faculty.

Winter 2010

Final Exam

Students learn to “think big” in a course named—aptly—after Archimedes.

Summer 2009

From Our Readers

Alumni respond to the Winter ’09 issue of Johns Hopkins Engineering magazine.