After You Graduate


It’s a great time to be graduating with a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering, as opportunities abound. Employment for engineers is expected to grow by 22% now through 2018, according to the U.S. National Bureau of Labor Statistics. That’s far above the average for most other occupations. In fact, U.S. News & World Report lists several engineering related jobs as among the “100 Best Jobs of 2013” as it is one of the most persuasive forces in society. Society is dependent on individuals who create, power and support our electronics and information systems. Engineering is expected to be one of the fastest growing fields between 2014 and 2022.

Job Placement/Opportunities

We work to cultivate contacts between our students and industry, with the goal of placing our graduates into challenging and fulfilling positions where they can utilize their excellent academic background to further today’s as well as tomorrow’s business objectives.

As the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering we focus primarily on development, management, and research positions in Electrical and Computer Engineering. However, we also maintain close contact with related programs, departments, and institutes on campus, including the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

In addition, we cooperate with the Johns Hopkins Life Design Lab for campus-wide job postings, resume drops, as well as in arranging campus visits. We also work closely with the Johns Hopkins APL (Applied Physics Laboratory) who are dedicated to solving complex problems that present critical challenges in society.


  • Our goal is to help students shape their careers in myriad ways. For instance, we provide them with announcements of various opportunities to further education and careers, from jobs and internships, to scholarships and volunteer opportunities. However, note that in order to receive these notices, you must subscribe to the appropriate student mailing list in the department. The Life Design Lab is another source for important announcements. If you want to benefit from their services, you also need to create an account with them and set up email notifications for career opportunities that are of interest to you.

    We also seek to provide you with career advice in various forms. You should obviously use the resources provided by the Life Design Lab, but if you want more focused advice—specifically for computer science—we’re here for you as well.

    Visit our Jobs and Internships page for a list of recent positions in electrical and computer engineering.

  • If you are an employer, we can assist you in a variety of ways. First and foremost, we can distribute your announcements about open positions to our students. Our policy is to circulate positions within the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering only, but if you prefer, we also can forward your ad to related departments and the Life Design Lab. In addition, we can help you arrange for campus visits, either for a company presentation, or for a more targeted recruiting event. Finally, we can assist in setting up internships that help both your company and our students. We are committed to internships as one of the best ways for students and employers to get to know each other. Internships allow your company to evaluate a candidate for a permanent position in much more detail than you can ever get in an interview. Internships also allow our students to get valuable “real world” experience to round out their academic background. It’s a true win-win situation, and even if your company has not done internships before, we strongly encourage you to think about it as another recruiting tool to ensure that you’re getting the best and the brightest.
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