Degree Programs

Because the potential applications of our work are so broad, our academic culture is based in the value of creativity and curiosity. We encourage our faculty and students to imagine what comes next--and then make it happen--as they innovate for a better world

Flexibility and opportunities to specialize in areas ranging from human language technology, biomorphic systems, and photonics and opteoelectronics to machine learning provide you with the chance to design a course of study that meets your needs.

Undergraduate Programs

With multiple degree options in at the undergraduate level, your studies can be tailored to suit your interests and professional goals. No matter what program you choose, you will have opportunities to turn theory into practice while learning the fundamentals.

Master’s Programs

Our master's programs are designed to deepen your knowledge and enhance your career options. We offer multiple areas of specialization in electrical and computer engineering as well as MSE programs in robotics and human language technology.

Doctoral Program

In our doctoral program, you will be mentored by world-class faculty members, create knowledge that solves pressing societal problems, and share in the excitement of discovery as you collaborate with peers across the university.