Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee (AC) consists of representatives from industry, academia, government and research organizations, including JHU alumni, that bring specific experiences, knowledge, skills, or resources that can aid the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering in fulfilling its mission.


Members of Advisory Committee



Mr. Patrick Antkowiak

Chief Technical Officer

Advanced Concepts and Technologies Division

Northrop Grumman Corporation

[email protected]


Mr. Aristotle N. Balogh

Vice President of Engineering


[email protected]


Mr. Conrad Grant

Department Head

Air and Missile Defense

Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory

[email protected]


Dr. Charles Johnson – Bey

Director, Engineering and Technology, Cyber Solutions

Lockheed Martin

[email protected]


Dr. Mostafa (Mos) Kaveh

Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Associate Dean for Research and Planning

College of Science and Engineering

University of Minnesota

[email protected]


Mr. Larry KenneyChair

Engineering Fellow

Space and Airborne Systems

Raytheon Company

[email protected]


Mr. Eric Naviasky



[email protected]


Mr. William Swift

Vice President of Engineering


[email protected]


Dr. Arthur Valliere 

Senior Advisor

Digital Receiver Technology, Inc.,

A Wholly-Owned Subsidiary of the Boeing Corporation

[email protected]


Dr. Alan Willner


Associate Director for the Center for Photonics Technology

University of Southern California

[email protected]


Mr. Edward Zyszkowski

Chief Executive Officer

Steeplechase Networks, Inc.

[email protected]




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