Author: Emily Flinchum
Three women posing for a photo. Yiran "Gigi" Wang is in the center in graduation attire of a cap and gown.
Yiran "Gigi" Wang at her graduation.

Recent Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering graduate Yiran “Gigi” Wang has been awarded with a Certificate of Undergraduate Excellence by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

The Certificate of Undergraduate Excellence is the Royal Society’s (RSC) recognition program for university students in North America who have shown significant achievement in the chemical sciences. Awardees are chosen by the department for superb academic performance, excellence in research, and commitment to service.

Wang was nominated for the award based on her many achievements, including a 4.0 record in her courses, mentoring younger peers in foundational coding, and receiving awards such as the Loy Wilkinson award, the American Institute of Chemical Engineers’ Research Presentation Award, and a Tau Beta Pi honor society scholarship.

As well as the certificate, Wang received one year of Associate Membership in the RSC and an invitation to attend an RSC webinar on publishing in science.

“I am extremely proud of Gigi’s accomplishments with the department of chemical and biomolecular engineering” said Paulette Clancy, the Edward J. Schaefer Professor in Engineering in ChemBE. “Gigi’s exceptional work with the department is being rewarded with this certificate, and I can not wait to see what she continues to achieve in her future endeavors.”

Wang will be attending MIT as a PhD student in the fall.