Laying the Groundwork

PhD candidate Bria Macklin receives NIH fellowship for her work with stem-cell derived vascular cells.

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Michael Tsapatsis and Efie Kokkoli join ChemBE faculty

Tsapatsis named ChemBE's third Bloomberg Distinguished Professor; Kokkoli named professor

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Paulette Clancy joins ChemBE as Department Head

Paulette Clancy, a specialist in computational materials science, arrives from Cornell University to serve as ChemBE's first Department Head.

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ChemBE Bond Newsletter

Read about ChemBE student, alum, and faculty news in the Spring 2018 edition of ChemBE Bond!


Chao Wang and colleagues create new multimetallic nanoparticles

Science cover article describes process combining up to eight previously unmixable metals into homogeneous high entropy alloy nanoparticles used in industrial catalysis.

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Schulman and Gracias collaborate on new way to create 'soft robots'

Researchers join forces to pioneer new approach to change the shape of water-based gels using specific DNA sequences, opening new opportunities in soft robotics, smart actuators, and programmable matter.

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Explaining Neurodegenerative Disease

Bloomberg Distinguished Professor Rong Li publishes paper in Nature explaining why protein clumping and mitochondrial deterioration are both hallmarks of neurodegenerative diseases.

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Life in Baltimore

Enjoy the best of both worlds: An easily accessible city with all of the networking, museums, entertainment, and amazing food of a major urban center.

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