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The primary resource for any Master’s or Doctoral student seeking more information on the requirements and policies for graduate study in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering is the PhD Graduate Student Handbook or the MSE Graduate Student Handbook, updated annually before the start of the school year.



PhD Student Annual Review Form

MSE Scholarship Qualifications Course-Based

MSE Course-Based Scholarship Application

MSE Scholarship Qualifications Essay-Based

MSE Essay-Based Scholarship Application

MSE Advisor Selection 2021-2022


Johns Hopkins University Graduate Student Policies

University policies for graduate study can be found by clicking here.


Graduate Student Liaison Committee

The Graduate Student Liaison Committee (GSLC) is a group of graduate students that are responsible for planning social, volunteering, and sporting activities for the Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Department at Johns Hopkins University. Click here to view their page.

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PhD Scholarships/Fellowships

ChemBE PhD Students! If you’re looking for potential fellowship and/or scholarship opportunities, you’ve come to the right place. This page contains a list of some of the more popular fellowships and scholarships for our graduate students specializing in a wide range of computer science-related disciplines. However, it is not an exhaustive list, so certainly feel free to seek out opportunities on your own!

First off, be sure to explore the JHU Research Office’s webpage for Graduate Student Funding Opportunities. They maintain and regularly update a fairly comprehensive list of fellowships and scholarships:

Secondly, we encourage you to browse the Whiting School of Engineering’s webpage for graduate student fellowship and scholarship opportunities. They also maintain and regularly update a solid list of external fellowships/scholarships:

Now, here are some of the most popular fellowships/scholarships for our ChemBE PhD Student population!


INTERNAL Scholarships/Fellowships

  • Siebel Scholarship: JHU Homewood’s program is one of few similar programs in the world recognized by the Siebel Scholars Foundation for groundbreaking research, excellence in education, and high caliber of students. JHU offers five single-year awards for students in bioengineering fields who are at the top of their class based on academic results (including research), demonstrate excellence in terms of leadership qualities in the school community and in experience prior to graduate program, and have completed at least one year at the school and are reasonably expected to have only one year remaining.

This is a limited submission scholarship, so direct applications from students are not accepted. You will need to submit through your department academic administrator. Please refer to the Siebel Scholarship webpage for specific eligibility criteria/provisions of the award, as they can change from year to year:

  • Timeframe:announcement (from your academic admin) of the open application period usually happens in late-May and all application materials are typically due to your department administrator in mid-June. If awarded, the scholarship goes into effect the upcoming fall semester.


INTERNAL Scholarships/Fellowships

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Achievement Scholarship

It awarded to a newly-admitted ChemBE PhD student who has overcome significant socioeconomic barriers and/or is a first generation graduate student. The recipient of the ChemBE Diversity Scholarship must remain in resident, full-time status and in good academic standing. So long as the student meets this criteria, they will receive the scholarship each academic year until their graduation from the ChemBE PhD program.

Incoming students cannot apply directly for the ChemBE Diversity Scholarship. Rather, it is a scholarship that is awarded to a particular student based on the recommendation of the ChemBE Department Chair + the ChemBE PhD Faculty Admissions Committee. The scholarship may not be awarded every year if requirements are not met.


For More Information

Director of PhD Program, Stavroula Sofou

Director of PhD Admissions, Efie Kokkoli


Director of MS Program, Sakul Ratanalert

Director of MS Admissions, Chao Wang


Academic Program Coordinator, [email protected]

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