Fall 2023 application deadline is December 15, 2022

The PhD degree is awarded for original research performed under the guidance of a thesis advisor. The formal requirements for this degree are:

  • Completion of six graduate-level courses including the four required core and elective courses.
  • Completion of an annual research evaluation each year.
  • Serve as a teaching assistant for at least two required undergraduate courses.
  • Completion in the first semester of 500.401 Research Laboratory Safety
  • Attend graduate seminars (540.600/601) every semester. Students are expected to enroll and attend department seminars throughout their tenure in the department.
  • Successful completion of the Graduate Board Oral Exam.
  • Completion of an original research project, documented in a dissertation that is defended by the candidate in a public presentation.
  • Completion of Responsible Conduct of Research training. For complete information, see WSE’s Policy on the Responsible Conduct of Research Training.
  • Application for Graduation submitted to Registrar’s office.

For students entered before Fall 2021 Degree Requirement Checklist Download here.

For students entered in Fall 2021 Degree Requirement Checklist Download here.

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