Hutzler Reading Room
Hutzler Reading Room

A variety of resources are available to support your academic success. 

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Tutoring and Mentoring Resources

A number of tutoring and mentoring resources are available to JHU undergraduates.

  • Help Room and Study Space
    • Along with study space available across campus during reading period and final exam period, help rooms are available on campus to students taking math courses and the Introductory Chemistry lecture and lab.
  • Learning Den
    • Provides tutoring for small groups (a maximum of six students in each group), for all registered Krieger School of Arts and Sciences and Whiting School of Engineering students.
    • Students are organized into study teams of six to 10 members who meet weekly with a trained student leader who facilitates the meetings.
  • Study Consulting
    • Pairs undergraduate students with an accomplished senior or graduate student who serves as a consultant.
  • Technical Communication Lab
    • Serves all JHU undergraduate and graduate students seeking to improve their technical writing, oral communication, and data visualization capability.
  • Writing Center
    • Offers undergraduate and graduate students free, individual conferences with experienced tutors, all of whom are trained to consult on written work in the humanities and social sciences.

Academic Affiliated Offices

  • Office of Krieger Arts and Sciences Advising
    • Supports undergraduates with primary or secondary majors and minors within the Krieger School with their academic planning and goals.
  • Office of International Services
    • Assists international students, scholars, researchers, clinicians, staff, and faculty with visas and immigration information.
  • Office of Pre-Professional Advising
    • Serves current students and alumni pursuing career interests in the health care or law professions.
  • Office of the Registrar
    • Coordinates course registration, grading, veteran’s education benefits, and student health benefits. This office also publishes the e-catalog and provides transcripts and enrollment and degree verifications. In addition, visit this website if you need information about class schedules and final exams.
  • Office of Student Disability Services
    • Advises students with disabilities on available services, assists with registrations on accommodations and assistive technology, and liaises with students’ instructors. Additionally, they work with the university’s central ADA Compliance Officer and comply with federal, state, and local disability regulations.
  • Office of Study Abroad
    • Promotes international travel and education through academic exchanges, programs abroad, and cooperative agreements.

Campus Support Services

  • Center for Student Success
    • Supports students through coaching, mentoring, collaborations with campus partners, and community-building programs.
  • Counseling Center
    • Licensed therapists, doctoral interns, and psychiatrists assist undergraduate students with their personal, interpersonal, and emotional development through various services and outreach programs.
  • Office of Dean of Student Life
    • Aims to cultivate an inclusive and healthy community that fosters growth, exploration, and engagement. They oversee student involvement, campus programming, diversity initiatives, and housing and dining services.
  • Office of Multicultural Affairs
    • OMA is committed to enhancing the educational experience of students from underrepresented populations through events and programs designed to support, challenge, and engage.
  • Student Financial Support
    • Helps students and their families learn how to secure need- and merit-based aid, understand aid requirements, and find other ways to make a Hopkins education affordable. Johns Hopkins is committed to meeting 100 percent of students’ financial needs through scholarships, loans, and other sources.