ECE students

The mission of the Engineering Advising Office within WSE Undergraduate Academic Affairs is to support the WSE mission to prepare undergraduates to be 21st century leaders by providing an outstanding engineering education and enabling undergraduates to participate fully in the research and translational activities of the school. To accomplish this we:

  • Advise, support, and educate students so that they are able to achieve intellectual, personal, and professional growth. 
  • Establish and maintain policies that ensure enriching, rigorous and fair academic practices in collaboration with the academic departments and university partners.
  • Provide an inclusive environment open to all campus community members across race, gender, age, religion, and identity.

Our office provides general academic support to all undergraduate engineering students, coordinate the undergraduate faculty advising program, and are always happy to answer questions. Click here to view our drop-in advising hours.

Our Team

Michael Falk
Vice Dean for Undergraduate Education

Janet Weise
Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Academic Affairs

Linda Moulton
Senior Academic Advisor

Denise Shipley
Senior Academic Advisor

Eric Simmons
Senior Academic Advisor

Jen Ewing
Academic Advisor/Success Coach

Bri Lauka
Academic Advisor/ Success Coach

Shaena Moody
Academic Advisor/Success Coach

Betty Zee
Senior Academic Program Coordinator

Lashell Silver
Administrative Coordinator