Research Groups

The Johns Hopkins Department of Materials Science and Engineering is committed to nurturing a collaborative environment. Our students have the opportunity to work in small research groups with a faculty advisor and postdoctoral researchers.

The following is a list of research groups led by faculty with a primary affiliation in our department. For faculty conducting materials-related research in other departments, please see our list of associated faculty.

For your convenience, we have also provided a list of current graduate students and postdoctoral researchers in our department.


Erlebacher Group


Falk Group

  • Led By: Prof. Michael Falk
  • Research Focus: Computational Materials Science, Structural Materials Science, and Optoelectronic & Magnetic Materials


Hall Group


Hristova Research Group

  • Led By: Prof. Kalina Hristova
  • Research Focus: Biomaterials and the Structure and Physics of Biomembranes


Hufnagel Group

  • Led By: Prof. Todd Hufnagel
  • Research Focus: Structural Materials, Nanomaterials, X-Ray Scattering, 3D Microstructures, and Metals


Katz Group

  • Led By: Prof. Howard Katz
  • Research Focus: Nanomaterials and Optoelectronic & Magnetic Materials


Ma Group

  • Led By: Prof. En Ma
  • Research Focus: Computational Materials Science, Structural Materials, and Nanostructured & Metastable Materials


Mao Group

  • Led By: Prof. Hai-Quan Mao
  • Research Focus: Biomaterials and Polymer & Tissue Engineering


Mueller Group


Searson Group


Spicer Group

  • Led By: Prof. James Spicer
  • Research Focus: Materials Characterization, Laser-Materials Interactions, Materials for Energy, Structural Materials, and Optoelectronic & Magnetic Materials


Weihs Group

  • Led By: Prof. Tim Weihs
  • Research Focus: Nanomaterials, Thin Films, and Structural Materials

Fall 2019

Last Name First Name Advisor
Agarwal Ojaswi Hemker
Arlington Shane Weihs
Banjeree Arunima Hemker
Borah Preetom Weihs
Brizzolara Katherine Hemker
Chi Chen Katz
Chuang Alyssa Erlebacher
DeStefano Jackson Searson
Ding Supeng Gu
Eoh Joon Gu
Eswarappa Prameela Suhas Weihs
Fan Zhao Ma
Fang Zhiwei Gu
Fite John Weihs
Florencio Aleman Christopher Chen
Gao Qingyang Ma
Gong Tianyao Hall
Grant Jesse Weihs
Greenidge Gina Erlebacher
Guan Ming Hufnagel
Hernandez Valle Alberto Mueller
Hunt Gabriella Spicer
Inouye Monica Weihs
Jang Hyun-June Katz
Johnson Isaac Chen
Kim Joo Ho Gu
Kitchen Grant Searson
Komin Alexander Hristova
Krynicki Jenna Weihs
Lee Taein Katz
Li Chengyang Mueller
Light Taylor Hristova
Liu Heng-Wen Mao
Ma Jessica Spicer
Pate Cassandra Hufnagel/Taheri
Peters Adam Spicer
Present Samuel Hemker
Qiu Chenhu Mao
Ruan Dihui Falk
Sheng Hao Hufnagel
Small Kathryn Hufnagel/Taheri
Tian Yuan Chen
Wagner Justine Katz
Wainwright Elliot Weihs
Wang Chuhong Mueller
Wang Yunfei Hall
Wang Yunzhe Mueller
Wang Ziqian Chen
Wirth Daniel Hristova
Wu Dung-Yi Hufnagel
Xue Ju Weihs
Yao Zhicheng Mao
Zhang Qingyang Katz
Zhang Yicheng Mao
Zhang Zhuoqun Hall
Zhao Guangxue Chen
Zuo Yi Gu
Thibault Stephen Erlebacher

Spring 2019

Balasubramanian Adarsh Mueller
Cerit Oyku Chen
Chen** Joseph Chen
Cheng Yang Mueller
Elawad Khalid Mao
Gao Jiaxin Chen
Gao Mansi Chen
Lee Shin-Jae Mao
McKeever** Nathaniel Mueller
Ni Ruihao Chen
Norwood** Samuel Mueller
Sabedra Johndavid McQueen (Chemistry)
Shi Kangdi Chen
Song Yunjia Katz
Soni Rohan Chen
Wang Zhaoye Chen
Xu Zhihan Chen
Yang Cheng Chen
Yang Sheng Chen
Yang Yuncong Chen
Zhi Hanqian Chen
Zhou Yang Mao

Spring 2019


Darius Alix-Williams

Liang Cao

Hamzeh Kashani

Jinfeng Han

Xiyu Ke

Shan-Ping Liu

Tushita Mukhopadhyaya

John Slotwinski

Ye Tian

Peng Yi


Michael Falk

Tim Mueller

Mingwei Chen

Howard Katz

Hai-Quan Mao

Tim Mueller

Howard Katz

Tim Weihs

Todd Hufnagel

Michael Falk/Tim Weihs


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