Welcome to the erlebacher group

at Johns Hopkins University

Computational Research

Building simulations using our in-house code, we gain insight to the fundamental mechanisms that drive what we see in a lab setting.

Experimental research

Experimental research in our lab includes designing procedures to create new materials, characterization, and machining equipment.

Current Events

Congratulations rohit!

Rohit has successfully completed his masters degree!

Group Vision

Our group is interested in many diverse areas, from nanoporous and nanostructured metals synthesis and applications, computational and experimental materials science, and materials science for clean energy technologies.

Annelaed NiTi-Cr Eutectic

Self-Assembled Morphogenic Metal Coatings

Develop and simulate a high fatigue and corrosion resistant metal coating for aqueous corrosion environments.

Porous Mg scaffold with solid carbon adhered

Magnesium Based Carbon Capture

Addressing the need for a carbon sequestration process which turns carbon dioxide into a commercially useful form of carbon, this work explores the magnesium – carbon dioxide reaction under controlled conditions.

Structure of methane

Methane Decomposition

Addresses the need for an environmentally clean fuel source by splitting natural gas into hydrogen and solid carbon producing little to no greenhouse gas emissions.