Materials scientists seek to understand the connections between the structure of materials and their properties, how particular properties can be achieved through suitable processing, and the applications of materials to modern technologies.

The Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Johns Hopkins University is highly interdisciplinary, bringing together students and faculty with diverse interests to address urgent technological needs. Particular areas of strength include biomaterials, nanomaterials, organic semiconductors, metallic glasses, materials characterization, and thin films. The department is home to 14 tenured or tenure-track faculty, approximately 78 graduate students, and approximately 10 post-doctoral scholars. Our research expenditures total approximately three million dollars annually. In the 2020 US News and World Report ranking of engineering graduate programs, Johns Hopkins University was ranked as the 19st best graduate school for materials engineering.

We also have a dynamic and growing undergraduate program, currently enrolling about 65 students and graduating about 14 students annually. Many undergraduates choose to focus their studies by enrolling in either our biomaterials or nanomaterials track. These areas are of emerging importance in our discipline. In addition, most undergraduates participate directly in research projects in the department, working in small collaborative research groups with the faculty, graduate students, and post-docs.

We invite you to explore our department using this website. General inquiries about the department may be addressed to us at [email protected].

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