At WSE Winter 2021

Something to BOAST About

A new initiative aims to help strengthen high school students’ confidence and skills in algebra.

Data Democratizer

The map created by Lauren Gardner and her team is used by governments, media, researchers, and the public, and, when it launched in January 2020, quickly became the go-to resource for people the world over.

An Online Master’s in Artificial Intelligence

Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals has launched a fully online master’s degree program in artificial intelligence, one of only a few such programs of its kind in the country.

Making Online Learning More Accessible

Higher education instructors around the world now have free access to a course that— fittingly enough—teaches them how to create accessible course work for remote learning.

Of Two Minds

Sharon Gerecht and Franklyn Hall are the recipients of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Gilliam Fellowship, which is awarded to student-mentor pairs and recognize students who have the potential to be leaders in their fields, while also supporting the development of a more inclusive academic scientific ecosystem.