L to R: Krish Jayarapu, Joshua Zhou, Alisa Fedotova, Himanshi Sharma

Recipients of the Elnora Muly Award were announced recently. The $4,000 award sponsors undergraduates majoring in chemical and biomolecular engineering who are conducting independent study or independent research on practical problems identified by engineers working in the chemical industry. 2023 winners are:

  • Alisa Fedotova (Gracias Lab): “Synthetic vasculature to engineer neural complexity in human brain organoids”
  • Krish Jayarapu (Liu Lab): “Low-cost redox-active indigo derivatives for electrochemical Carbon Capture”
  • Himanshi Sharma (Gray Lab): “Mechanism of catalytic antibodies cleavage of glucuronoxylomannan”
  • Joshua Zhou (Bukowski lab): “Developing machine learning interatomic potentials for sulfur adsorption in lithium-sulfur batteries”