ChemBE graduate students and MBA candidate student team present their healthcare business case at Yale

February 25, 2020

A team of JHU graduate students, including a ChemBE PhD student, Kunal Dani, competed in a business case study competition at Yale last weekend (2/21-2). His team explored how to develop a licensing and launch strategy for a novel gene therapy while concurrently evaluating the profitability of that specific technology in the Multiple Sclerosis therapeutic market. They also included drug pricing, addressing the ethics of gene editing, and how to implement a unique licensing strategy that tied well to their launch strategy for the benefit of the most patients.

The other team members were MBA students from the Carey Business school, two of whom are also MPH students at the Bloomberg School of Public Health. ChemBE were happy to sponsor Mr. Dani’s participation.

Dani wrote: “I believe that events like these are a great opportunity for ChemBE graduate students to get involved in, if they are interested in exercising their technical expertise in a business setting. Given the short timeline and the rigor of the case, it effectively sharpens skills required outside of a lab setting that would be instrumental in areas like life science consulting and management at biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.” (Kunal is a member of David Gracias’ lab, MSE ’20)


Kunal Dani (ChemBE MSE ’20), Vadi Esmailizadeh (MBA/MPH ’20), Gilda Aussi (MBA ’20), Katherine Connolly (MBA/MPH ’20), Ernest Nyarko (MBA ’20)

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