Eleanor Muly Awardees

December 16, 2019

This was a bumper year for Elenora Muly award winners in 2019, selected for their excellence in undergraduate research. These awards were made possible by a generous gift from the Muly family. Nine awards were made to support research by students in seven research groups, covering a rich array of exciting projects:

Tineer Ahmed and Gillian Hutter (Donohue team project; pharmacokinetic modeling)
Phillipe Baron (Bevan; Topological defect dynamics in colloidal liquid crystals)
Maria Grimmett (Cui; hydrogels to treat brain cancer)
Neha Gupta (Gracias; fantastic voyage-scaled surgical tools)
Tiffany Hou (Schulman; hierarchical assembly and characterization of DNA nanotube networks)
Kook-Bum Dean Kim (Spangler; new directions in yeast bio-panning)
Yun-Huai Wade Kuo (Spangler; CAR-NK T-cell therapy)
Priyamvada Prathima (Gray; computational protein docking)
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Philippe Baron (Sophomore, ’22), Neha Gupta (Junior, ’21), Tineer Ahmed (Junior, ’21), Tiffany Hou (Senior, ’20), Gillian Hunter (Junior, ’21), Priyamvada Prathima (Sophomore, ’22), Kook-Bum Dean Kim (Junior, ’21)

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Maria Grimmett (Senior, ’20), Yun-Huai Wade Kuo (Junior, ’21)

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