ChemBE’s Dr. Jamie Spangler selected as a 2020 Catalyst Award Recipient

June 17, 2020


The Spangler lab leverages cutting-edge technologies in molecular design, structural biology, and immunology to elucidate the determinants of protein activity in order to inform targeted therapeutic development. We are particularly interested in engineering natural proteins such as growth factors, cytokines, and antibodies, to bias the immune response for targeted disease treatment. Building on biophysical insights and innovative technology platforms we have developed, our research spans the discovery, design, and translation of novel molecular therapeutics for a range of scientific and medical applications.

The current project aims to engineer novel multispecific antibodies that serve as both molecular probes to uncover immune biology and therapeutic agents that overcome limitations of current drugs. This work will pioneer a new class of antibody-based therapeutics that act through multi-tiered mechanisms to manipulate the molecular and dynamic properties of immune proteins for targeted treatment of cancer.


Please join us in congratulating Dr. Spangler on her remarkable achievement!





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