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Pizza’s Here!

A team of eight undergraduate and graduate engineering students are developing a system that can shuttle food to hungry customers across the Johns Hopkins Homewood campus.

Toward More Adaptable Cellphones

Cellphones that seamlessly work on any network would make lives easier for international travelers. Alyssa Apsel, PhD ’03, is designing inexpensive, flexible radio systems to help make that possible.

All Ears

Why the echolocating brown bat is an ideal model for deciphering the complexities of the way humans perceive sound.

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Notable quotes and comments from Johns Hopkins Engineering faculty members.

Equipping Microscopic Warriors

A five-member team from the Whiting School and School of Medicine is setting out to design and test self-directed microscopic warriors that can locate and neutralize dangerous strains of bacteria.

Say What?

Think today’s computers are smart? Just look at what’s coming. Meet a multinational bullpen of computer scientists who are rapidly bridging the divide between humans and machines.

Making Waves

After 60 years at the vanguard of the physics of sound, prolific inventor James E. West is on to his next big project: a smart stethoscope.

Innovator Under 35

Muyinatu Lediju Bell, an assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering, has been honored by MIT Technology Review as one of its 35 Innovators Under 35 in 2016.

Clearer Vision for Surgeons

Muyinatu A. Lediju Bell is designing a new image-guided surgical system that could give surgeons real-time visuals of the blood vessels, increasing precision and improving patient safety.