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So Long, Equations; Goodbye, Variables

Yannis Kevrekidis and his collaborators work on algorithms that exploit data to enhance, or even circumvent, conventional modeling of chemical and biological systems, and help scientists better predict system behavior—from reaction rates to materials properties.

Think Quick!

Since her freshman year, Megumi Chen ’17, has crammed her schedule with engineering, math, and science classes. This semester, though, the applied mathematics and statistics major decided to add something unexpected: an improvisation class.


Notable quotes and comments from faculty in the Whiting School of Engineering.

Finding Harmony

Daniel Naiman, professor of applied mathematics and statistics, explains why music could have the power to entice more young people into STEM fields.

Memory Maker

When Alex Mullen ’14 pulled out a victory last December in the World Memory Championships, he surprised even himself. “I…


Baltimore Raven John Urschel is more than a punishing guard: He’s a mathematician whose work has been published in peer-reviewed…