TAGGED Biomedical Engineering

New Leaders

Johns Hopkins Engineering recognizes new leadership in the Center for Leadership Education and the Departments of Biomedical Engineering, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering.

23andMe for Trees

Johns Hopkins researchers are part of an ambitious plan to fully sequence the coast redwood and giant sequoia genomes for the first time.

The Heart as Art

Farhad Pashakhanloo, PhD ’16, spent more than 60 hours creating an image of a human heart, which has been chosen to grace the cover of Nature Reviews Cardiology every month for the next year.

Up and Comer

David Narrow, MSE ’13, the CEO of Sonavex, a company aimed at improving outcomes for surgical patients by providing clinicians…

Sex Trafficking: A Way Out

An online system created by Hopkins BME undergrad Aaron Chang ’14 helps to combat sex trafficking in Baltimore.