Summer 2015

Community Effort

Community Effort The Saturday after unrest erupted in Baltimore, biomedical engineering student Samy Ramadane ’17 and others from the Johns…

Summer 2015

Finding Treasure in Trash

One of Aman Luthra’s favorite memories from his childhood growing up in Delhi was watching the excitement generated by the…

Winter 2015

New Life for the Jacobi Method

The 169-year-old math strategy called the Jacobi iterative method is widely dismissed today as too slow to be useful. But…

Winter 2015

Google’s Global App Winner

Last winter break, Phani Gaddipati, a junior studying biomedical engineering, decided to make good use of his time by teaching…

Winter 2015

Solving Battlefield Blood Loss

Without prompt care, a badly wounded soldier easily can bleed to death while being transported to a distant medical station….

Winter 2015

SPURed to Get a Better Grasp

When junior Farhan Damani arrived as a freshman at Johns Hopkins, he thought he wanted to study philosophy and political…

Winter 2015

A New Twist on Safer Helmets

“Better our head than yours” is the motto of an innovative testing apparatus for sports helmets—nicknamed “the guillotine”—that has been…

Winter 2015

All Washed Up

A team of chemical and biomolecular engineering students is on a quest to improve world hygiene by ensuring that people…

Summer 2014

Flight of Fancy

In Hackerman Hall, taking the stairs will improve not only your heart health, but also your mood. This spring, a…