Final Exam

Winter 2014

Sweet Solutions

Like it or not, most candy bowls play second fiddle to their sweet, coveted contents. Not the Infinity Candy Bowl,…

Summer 2013

That Dam Dilemma

A relic of times past, Maryland’s Bloede Dam—the world’s first self-contained, underwater hydroelectric dam—stretches across the Patapsco River in what…

Summer 2012

Next-Gen Smart Cars

When engineering undergrads interview for summer internships, they often are asked to describe two things: a team project and their biggest challenge. Adam Gross ’13 has a single answer to both questions: the “intelligent ground vehicle” he’s been working on since freshman year.

Fall 2011

Final Exam: Cool Ideas

Climate Showcase promotes energy efficiency in Baltimore nonprofits.

Fall 2010

Mechanical Engineering Gets Creative

Mechanical engineer Reuben Kraft, PhD ’08, painted this artistic interpretation of the colorful results of his doctoral research in modeling fractures in brittle materials.

Fall 2008

Final Exam

In the new course Design of Biological Molecules and Systems, undergraduates learn to design and build proteins. Or at least…

Winter 2008

Final Exam

“We’re in the danger zone.” That’s how senior Rodwitt Lai describes the Senior Design project he and fellow team members…