Winter 2019

The Robotic Underground

A robot travels through a tunnel buried deep underground. Using its camera, it searches every nook and cranny in the dark passageway for potential hazards, mapping its path as it goes. It relays this information to its operators in real time. “Nothing like this really exists in current fielded systems for military, law enforcement, or the harsh environments of space,” says Hopkins engineer William Bagley.

Winter 2019

Tech Tools: Social Spark

Breaking the ice socially in new groups is challenging for many people, but a new device promises to make that process easier.

Winter 2019

An Electric Finding

A team of researchers led by mechanical engineering professor Noah Cowan has successfully designed and tested a new system that could be used to help researchers and naturalists collect valuable environmental and wildlife data in sensitive natural habitats.

Winter 2019

Upstarts: Reducing ‘No-Show’ Rates

Algorithm helps medical offices to schedule reminders and fill vacant appointment slots with patients who urgently need to be seen.

Winter 2019

Upstarts: Removing the ‘Noise’ in Ultrasound

Johns Hopkins engineers are training computers to see only structures of interest—say, a needle tip and kidney cyst for a drainage procedure—extracting out all “noisy” background material in ultrasounds.

Winter 2019

Pinpointing Tumor Treatment

Knowing as much as possible about the genetic makeup and impaired biological pathways of a particular patient could help physicians make more informed decisions, says Professor Donald Geman.

Winter 2019

Removing Barriers

“For many families, myriad small logistical and financial barriers add up to giant roadblocks that limit the access these kids have to summer STEM programming,” says Johns Hopkins environmental engineer Ciaran Harman.

Winter 2019


Trending quotes from Johns Hopkins Engineering faculty members.

Summer 2018

Your Brain on Engineering

Engineering principles have influenced a variety of areas, but one that remains relatively untouched is the human brain. Archana Venkataraman aims to change that.