At WSE Summer 2017

A Boost from Amazon

The Alexa Fund Fellowship will support a doctoral student in the Johns Hopkins Center for Language and Speech Processing who will mentor students in a master’s degree program that focuses on human language technology.

Start This Up

FastForward 1812 is the latest addition to a rapidly growing and increasingly vibrant startup scene that is helping to bring life-changing products, services, and technologies to market—and to revitalize Baltimore’s economy.

Toward Better Pharmaceuticals

Producing drugs in living systems has given new hope for treating diseases for which there were previously no effective therapies.


Recent awards and honors earned by Whiting School of Engineering researchers.

Healing Games

The Kata Therapeutic Table will allow students, faculty members, and staff members to help Johns Hopkins Hospital patients recover from stroke and brain injury.

Priming the STEM Pump

Elementary school children in grades three through five across Baltimore City have been receiving specialized instruction in STEM, thanks to a partnership between the city schools and Johns Hopkins’ schools of Engineering and Education

The Heart as Art

Farhad Pashakhanloo, PhD ’16, spent more than 60 hours creating an image of a human heart, which has been chosen to grace the cover of Nature Reviews Cardiology every month for the next year.