Winter 2019

“Whether they’re specifically trying to make us distrust the medical system or just get us to fight more is unclear.”

8/27/18, Los Angeles Times

Mark Dredze, John C. Malone Associate Professor of Computer Science, on recent efforts by Russian trolls online to sow discord about the safety of vaccines.


“Going down into the sewer system below the city is the most valuable approach.”

6/26/18, STAT

Carsten Prasse, assistant professor of environmental health and engineering, on how analyzing urban sewer water could help track the spread of opioids and potentially help identify communities that need interventions, like substance abuse programs.


“That is a million-dollar question.”

4/24/18, Time magazine

Marsha Wills-Karp, the Anna M. Baetjer Professor and director of the Department of Environmental Health and Engineering, explaining that researchers are still trying to determine why some people are more susceptible to allergies than others.


“Trying to predict everything at hole No. 12 may be a fool’s errand.”

4/4/18, New York Times 

Rajat Mittal, professor of mechanical engineering, who developed a computational tool to try to predict how the wind influences a golf ball’s flight at the Augusta National Golf Club’s legendary 12th hole.