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Institution-Wide Effort to Address Ventilator Shortage

In response to a pressing need for more ventilators to treat critically ill COVID-19 patients, JHU’s Applied Physics Laboratory hosted an online design workshop to coordinate university-wide efforts to address the issue. The two projects the group selected to support were spearheaded by WSE teams.

Home Is Where the Design Is

Teaching engineering design during COVID-19 is tricky—but professors are retooling projects to give students hands-on design experiences at home.

Katz Named to NAE

Katz was cited “for development of optical methods in experimental fluid mechanics for turbomachinery, cavitation, turbulence, and environmental flows.”

The New Space Age

Jonathan Hofeller ’02, vice president of commercial sales for SpaceX, and his team are responsible for securing an ever-growing share of the world’s multibillion-dollar launch market.

Making Space Elevators a Reality

For nearly 150 years, researchers have contemplated the idea of a space elevator—an alternate way to shuttle people and goods to space that wouldn’t involve a shuttle at all.

An Electric Finding

A team of researchers led by mechanical engineering professor Noah Cowan has successfully designed and tested a new system that could be used to help researchers and naturalists collect valuable environmental and wildlife data in sensitive natural habitats.


Trending quotes from Johns Hopkins Engineering faculty members.

Desktop 3-D Printers Go Metal

Being able to produce usable prototypes with the strength and temperature tolerance of metal would allow developers to speed up the iterative cycle of design, says Jonah Myerberg, MS ’03.

A Super Strong Alloy

The technological future of everything from cars and jet engines to the gadgets, appliances, and public utilities constituting the Internet of Things will depend on microscopic sensors.