Summer 2016

“It was painful to me, as an engineer, to see how badly we had failed society.” 

2/16/16, Baltimore Sun

Judy Mitrani-Reiser, civil engineering professor and a leading expert in the field of disaster resilience, describing her reaction to visiting Chile days after a massive earthquake hit the South American nation in 2010.


“The goal is to create a virtual heart for every patient.”

5/10/16, The Guardian

Natalia Trayanova, the Murray B. Sachs Professor of Biomedical Engineering, explaining that personalized 3-D heart models are more effective than standard tests at identifying cardiac patients at risk of developing lethal arrhythmias. She recently reported on this work in Nature Communications.


“No one I know has any specific idea about what the pore is.”

3/2/16, Science 

Winston Timp, a biomedical engineer, describing the mystery surrounding a new gene sequencing technology that reads long strands of DNA in a single pass and which has sparked a patent fight.


“This is when kids decide, ‘This is cool or this is interesting.’ I think starting in middle school, it’s sometimes a little too late. They’ve decided other things are interesting.”

5/2/16, U.S. News & World Report 

Michael Falk, ’90 (A&S), MS ’91, professor of materials science and engineering, on why his team is focusing on third- through fifth-graders in Baltimore elementary schools for an ambitious $7.4 million partnership between the National Science Foundation, Johns Hopkins, and Baltimore City Public Schools aimed at making science, technology, engineering, and math integral parts of early education.