Roadwork Ahead

Self-driving cars have the potential to stem the carnage of traffic fatalities on our streets, but a safe rollout is imperative. A Johns Hopkins team (led by CE professor Tak Igusa) is working toward a national road map for autonomous vehicle testing.

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New Analysis Predicts Top 25 U.S. Counties at Risk for Measles Outbreaks

Prof. Lauren Gardner contributes to new study that identifies 25 U.S. counties that are most likely to experience measles outbreaks in 2019.

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Safety First

Of all the remarkable things engineers do for humanity, none may be more important than the ways in which they improve our resiliency, keeping us safe from the many potential harms the world has in store. CE assistant prof. Thomas Gernay weighs in on how his research in the area of structural fire engineering is helping this effort.

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If you asked Natasha Dada four years ago if she thought she would be in the process of creating a journal article manuscript during her sophomore year of college, she would have dismissed the idea. However, through her growing collaboration with JHU’s Department of Civil Engineering, that’s precisely what’s happening.

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Assistant Professor Thomas Gernay discusses what materials would be best to rebuild the Notre Dame Cathedral in order to preserve its historical architecture.

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Climate Change, Superstorms, and Civil Engineering

Prof. Ben Schafer & Prof. Sauleh Siddiqui speak on how the field is changing to adapt to growing global concerns

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