This year, teams were tasked with focus on the reuse and expansion of the portion of the northern end of Levering Hall, focusing the Glass Pavilion, to provide a sustainable space on campus created for community use. Student groups will present their designs to an audience and answer any follow-up questions during a poster session.

Design Day is a school-wide initiative for the Whiting School of Engineering. Visit to view a full listing of projects that show how our community is creating a better future, translating theoretical knowledge into real-world solutions.

Student plans seek to achieve the following goals:

  1. Showcase versatility with both new design and design within varying levels of existing or historic construction.
  2. Design of outdoor, public structures to serve community use and accommodate environmental exposure including: an accessible green roof on top of the Glass Pavilion, a pavilion to replace the existing skylight on the terrace south of the Glass Pavilion, and extending the main outdoor terrace.
  3. Develop experience with sustainability and green design through the following
    • Reuse of existing construction
    • Development of basic systems / routes for water collection and storage in a new cistern
    • Designs to accommodate green roof and possibly solar panels
  4. Create a structural design for both gravity and lateral load-resisting systems, both within existing context and for new construction.

Participants: Dean Ahdab, Tim Carlson, Sophia Haass, Andres Melendez, Cassie Mitsinikos, Maggie Smith

Place: JHU Homewood campus, Hackerman B17

Timeline of Events:

1:00 – 1:10p: Project introduction
1:15 – 1:45p: Presentation #1 (20 min presentation; 10 min Q&A)
1:50 – 2:20p: Presentation #2 (20 min presentation; 10 min Q&A)
2:20 – 2:30p: CaSE Design Presentations
2:30 – 3:15p: Posters / Snacks
3:15 – 3:45p: Blue Hat Ceremony & Presentation of Student Awards