The fundamental civil and systems engineering challenges that affect the world today require big-picture solutions. With research focused in three areas – mechanics of materials, structures, and systems, our mission is to build the knowledge and tools that will enable civil engineering to move away from empirical ad hoc approaches into strategies based on scientifically grounded analysis.

Research Information

With three focus areas, affiliated centers and institutes that span the JHU system, and cutting-edge facilities, CaSE researchers use knowledge of both civil and systems engineering to address five main societal challenges.

Focus Areas

Our three focus areas allow students to find research opportunities that are of interest to them while also providing opportunities for collaboration both within and outside of JHU.

Grand Societal Challenges

Focus areas in mechanics of materials, structures, and systems help address these societal challenges: resilient cities, space exploration and habitation, decision-making and health, human safety and security, and future energy infrastructure.

Affiliated Centers and Institutes

Collaboration projects with JHU centers and institutes allow students to broaden their horizons and work not only within the JHU network, but with other academics, industry partners, and government entities as well.


Our research and teaching facilities provide space for cutting-edge research, collaboration, and learning.