All students, staff, faculty, and visitors that perform experimental research and utilize facilities, equipment, and tools in our laboratories are required to review our Lab Safety Manual. Students should sign and date the laboratory safety agreement form upon completion of safety training and then receive the signature of the Staff Lab Manager, their Research Advisor, and the Academic Lab Supervisor. Signed forms should be provided to the main office (Latrobe 205) which will then grant keycard access to the lab.

Thin-walled Structures Laboratory

Location: Latrobe Hall 16
Contact: Benjamin Schafer

Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory

Location: Latrobe Hall 18
Contact: Lucas de Melo

Computing Cluster

Computing Cluster

Location: Garland Hall
Contact: James Guest

Form2 Stereolithography 3D printer

Location: Latrobe Hall 15
Contact: James Guest

Furnace (Environmental Chamber)

Location: Latrobe Hall 15
Contact: Michael Shields

MicroCT (SkyScan1172)

Location: Malone Hall G07
Contact: Stavros Gaitanaros

Teaching Facilities

Teaching Laboratory

Location: Latrobe Hall 14
Contact: Rachel Sangree

Undergraduate Design Studio

Location: Latrobe Hall 5
Contact: Lori Graham-Brady

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