Resilient Cities

Creating more resilient cities by enhancing earthquake resistance of structures, using systems-based solutions to address food insecurity, and developing new materials and structures for improved fire safety.

Space Exploration and Habitation

Develop technology that will support long-term exploration and inhabitation of space, including optimized ultra-lightweight materials, cutting-edge computational mechanics, and systems-based approaches to community design.

Decision-making and Health

Leverage systems modeling, modern analysis, and advanced optimization to help transform data into decisions that will ensure healthy and more equitable communities.

Human Safety and Security

Improve technologies, policies, and infrastructure that are robust to evolving threats - from changing climate, to acts of war, to global pandemics.

Future Energy Infrastructure

Find mechanics-based solutions, create structural engineering advances, and use systems-based planning to address the changing energy supply, aging distribution networks, dynamic markets, and increasing hazards.