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Safety First: Building a Resilient Future

Of all the remarkable things engineers do for humanity, none may be more important than the ways in which they improve our resiliency, keeping us safe from the many potential harms the world has in store.

Extreme Creativity

An unlikely collaboration between engineers and artists has yielded inspired creations in both fields.

Roadwork Ahead

Self-driving cars have the potential to stem the carnage of traffic fatalities on our streets, but a safe rollout is imperative. A Johns Hopkins team is working toward a national road map for autonomous vehicle testing.


Recent awards and honors earned by Whiting School of Engineering researchers.

Rewind: Roads to Recovery

J. Trueman Thompson relied on relief labor to construct a campus road system during the Great Depression.

When the Sky Light’s the Limit

With leaks threatening the books of the 130-year-old George Peabody Library, civil engineer John Matteo and team set out to execute an innovative repair.


Notable quotes and comments from faculty in the Whiting School of Engineering.

3-D Lattices That Are Very Cool

Sometimes, materials just don’t behave the way you need them to. So Timothy P. Weihs and his collaborators have gotten creative. By weaving metal threads into intricate patterns, he can make webby 3-D materials with unique properties.

Bridging the Past

By looking back in time to study the evolution of covered bridges, Rachel Sangree equips students with wisdom they need…