Important Information for AY20-21

The H2H program is temporarily paused for the 2020 to 2021 academic year.

About the Initiative

Through H2H, you can take up to three* relevant and approved online classes through the Whiting School’s Engineering for Professionals part-time and online programs (EP) before you arrive on our Homewood campus in Baltimore to begin your full-time, residential master’s program.

*The number and types of allowable courses varies by program. Students should confirm with their individual program/adviser prior to enrollment. Also, note that enrolling in nine credits or more constitutes full-time status.

Home2Homewood can help save you time and money by providing you the opportunity to get started on your graduate classes before you arrive in Baltimore!

Christine Kavanagh Assistant Dean for Graduate and Postdoctoral Academic Affairs, Whiting School of Engineering


Newly-admitted international and domestic graduate students who have not yet begun their full-time, residential graduate program are eligible to take part in H2H. Interested students should contact the academic staff in the master’s program to which they have been admitted for more information, prior to the term of their desired enrollment.

Visa Information

International students will not be issued an I-20 for the period in which they are completing coursework remotely, but will be issued one in advance of the semester in which they plan to begin their residential program on the Homewood campus. If a student is unable to obtain a viable visa prior to beginning the residential portion of their program, they will automatically be eligible for admissions consideration into an EP program as a remote, online student.


New students taking online courses taken through the H2H program are subject to the tuition rate for EP online courses.

Full-time residential tuition fees will apply once a student enrolls in nine credits or more.

Participating Degree Programs

Home2Homewood currently is open to students enrolling in the following programs:

For the Fall 2020 semester, the following programs will be offering the H2H option to newly-enrolling students:

The Student Experience