School-Wide Fellowships

The Whiting School of Engineering offers a number of endowed fellowships that provide financial aid to incoming and current full-time engineering students. Full-time degree seeking graduate students are automatically considered for the fellowships.

The WSE fellowships include the following:

  • Gordon L. and Beatrice C. Bowles Fellowship
  • Phillips and Camille Bradford Fellowship
  • Louis M. Brown Fellowship
  • Howard and Jacqueline Chertkof Endowed Fellowship
  • Hariet H. Cohen Fellowship
  • Creel Family Engineering Fellowships
  • Gordon Croft Endowed Fellowship
  • Lila May Walkden Flounders Fellowship
  • Gregory Fellowship in Engineering
  • Carl E. Heath Fellowship for the Support of Graduate Women in Engineering
  • Suzanne and Joseph Jenniches Fellowship
  • Nicholas P. Jones Fellowship
  • Edwin D. and Rachel Lowthian Endowed Fellowship
  • Payback Fellowship
  • Paul V. Renoff Fellowship
  • Walter L. Robb Fellowship
  • William F. Ward, Jr. Fellowship
  • Siebel Scholarship
  • WSE-APL Research Assistantship

Department-Specific Fellowships

Other Whiting School internal fellowships are administered by individual engineering graduate programs and are typically named post-admission.

Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics

  • Charles and Catherine Counselman Fellowship
  • Rufus S. Isaacs Graduate Fellowship
  • Newman Family Fellowship

Department of Biomedical Engineering

  • Bozzelli Fellowship
  • Bozzelli and D’Alessandro Fellowship
  • Richard A. and Rachel M. Swirnow Fellowship
  • Lila May Walkden Flounders and Joseph Walkden Flounders Fellowship

Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

  • William H. Schwarz Fellowship

Department of Civil and Systems Engineering

  • Richard D. Hickman Fellowship
  • Joseph Meyerhoff Fellowship
  • Hoomes Rich Fellowship

Center for Language and Speech Processing

  • Fred Jelinek Fellowship

Department of Computer Science

  • Jun Wu and Yan Zhang Graduate Student Fellowship

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

These fellowships are only for PhD students.

  • Ferdinand Hamburger, Jr. Fellowship
  • Virginia and Edward Wysocki, Sr. Fellowship
  • Kewei Yang and Grace Xin Fellowship

Department of Environmental Health and Engineering

  • Natalie M. Lorenz Anderson Fellowship
  • Lee and Albert Halff Doctoral Student Award
  • Jensen Fellowship
  • M. Gordon Wolman Fellowship

Institute for Computational Medicine

  • David C. Gakenheimer Fellowship

Institute for NanoBioTechnology

  • Roy B. Adams Fellowship

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

  • Robert B. Pond, Sr. Fellowship
  • Donald S. Rodbell Memorial Graduate Fellowship
  • John W. and Mary Lou Ross Fellowship


Targeted Fellowships

The following fellowships are part of the Whiting School’s efforts to recruit a diverse student population—a goal that is of vital importance to our educational mission and to enhancing the educational experience for all students.  The fellowships provide financial awards as noted to assist in the recruitment of graduate students from diverse backgrounds, including under-represented minority students, women, and students from economically or socially disadvantaged circumstances.

GEM Fellowship (The National Consortium for Graduate Degrees for Minorities in Engineering and Science)

GEM awards fellowships to eligible students who pursue graduate education in engineering or science.  For more information, please visit  Prospective fellows apply to GEM and the sponsoring institutions at the same time.  Potential candidates must indicate on the JHU application that they have received or are being considered for a GEM Fellowship.

  • Master’s Candidate Awards: Full-tuition waiver, matriculation fee, health insurance, and a stipend of $7,000/semester for up to four semesters.
  • Doctoral Candidate Awards: Year 1: Full-tuition waiver, matriculation fee, health insurance, and a stipend of $20,000; Years 2-5: Full-tuition waiver, health insurance, and a research or teaching assistantship.

Morgan State University Fellowships

Two multi-year awards are reserved for Morgan State University graduates. Fellows receive a full-tuition waiver and health insurance benefits. Awards will be limited to four semesters for master’s candidates and five years for doctoral candidates. Preference will be given to candidates who are U.S. citizens or U.S. permanent residents. Potential candidates should notify the department to which they are applying that they would like to be considered for this fellowship.

Percy Pierre Doctoral Fellowship

The Percy Pierre Doctoral Fellowship was established to recognize outstanding incoming doctoral students from underrepresented minority background who will uniquely contribute to the intellectual life of the department and our broader graduate community. Applicants can self-select eligibility for nomination on the graduate application. Fellowships are awarded directly from the department.

William F. Ward Fellowship

The William F. Ward Fellowship, supports full-time WSE graduate students who are returning from US military service, preferably after three years of active duty, and who have received honorable discharge or medical discharge under honorable circumstances, or who remain in the military service. Potential candidates should notify the department to which they are applying that they would like to be considered for this fellowship.

Vivien Thomas Scholars Initiative

The Vivien Thomas Scholars Initiative (VTSI) is an endowed fellowship program at Johns Hopkins for PhD students in STEM fields. It provides full tuition, stipend, and benefits while also providing targeted mentoring, networking, community, and professional development opportunities. Students who have attended a historically black college and university (HBCU) or other minority serving institution (MSI) for undergraduate study are eligible to apply.

How to Apply: Full-Time Graduate Engineering Programs

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