Combined bachelor’s/master’s students will earn graduate student status and receive a Dean’s Master’s Fellowship, covering 50 percent of tuition, when they have full-time, resident status in a fall/spring semester, have been admitted to a full-time WSE master’s program, and have completed eight full-time semesters of study at JHU.

(NOTE: Requirements are slightly different for those alumni who have completed their degree, but did not maintain continuous enrollment at JHU. More information about the Dean’s Master’s Fellowship can be found on the Graduate Financial Aid page. To change this status, a Change of Classification Form for Concurrent Students must be filed through the Office of the Registrar on behalf of the student. (See “Status Change Procedures” below.)

Combined bachelor’s/master’s students who have not yet completed eight full-time semesters at JHU and have retained undergraduate status are eligible to continue to apply for undergraduate financial aid through the Office of Student Financial Services. (Transfer students are treated differently; see below.) Alternatively, they can apply for graduate student status, earn health insurance benefits, and apply for federal financial aid (through the Office of Student Financial Services), but they cannot earn a Dean’s Master’s Fellowship until they have completed their eighth semester of full-time study at JHU.

Once a student attains graduate status, they no longer are eligible to receive undergraduate financial aid, including the Federal Pell Grant, Federal SEOG, Federal SMART Grant, Federal Parent PLUS loans, the Bloomberg Scholarship, Hodson Scholarship, and/or Westgate Scholarship.

Loan limits for the federal student loan programs change when a student’s classification switches from “undergraduate” to “graduate.” For further financial aid information, please visit the website for the Office of Student Financial Services.