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Resources for Diversity and Inclusion

Black Lives Matter

Changing the course of history, and dismantling racist institutions and traditions, require us to alter the ways many of us view the world, interact with each other, and even understand ourselves. If we are to effect real, meaningful, and lasting change, the first step is understanding how we got where we are today.

Ed Schlesinger
Benjamin T. Rome Dean
Whiting School of Engineering
Excerpt from June 17, 2020 message to WSE Community

We have compiled a list of resource guides, worksheets, training, articles, books, and media related to unconscious bias, interrupting bias, allyship, and the history of race in the U.S.


Training and Education


Where to Start: Anti-Racist Allyship and Advocacy


Departmental Diversity Champions

The primary role of the diversity champion is to help facilitate culture transformation around issues of equity and inclusion. As critical thought leaders, diversity champions work with their chair to advance departmental diversity and inclusion goals.


Roadmap on Diversity & Inclusion

The JHU Roadmap on Diversity and Inclusion was drafted in early 2016 to capture the university’s priorities and ambitions, and to state in explicit and concrete terms its institutional commitments in this area. The document was revised with input from the university community in forums, meetings, emails, and conversations, and approved by the university board of trustees in October 2016.


JHU Offices and Initiatives


Affinity Groups and Committees

Across the University, Johns Hopkins students, postdocs, and trainees have founded a vast range of affinity groups and committees concerned with diversity, to bring individuals with similar backgrounds, cultures, interests and ambitions together in community or common purpose. These groups have helped our institution foster diversity, whether through advocacy, programming, or other endeavors.

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