Technology Transfer: Invest in Innovation

With 200+ faculty members and 22+ research centers, Hopkins Engineering is rich with discoveries that turn into life-changing technologies that have an impact on society.

Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures (JHTV) works with investors and companies to negotiate license agreements that fuel academic innovations along the path to commercialization.

Technology Accelerator: Sponsor a Startup

FastForward, JHU’s tech accelerator, will connect you with engineer-entrepreneurs through sponsorship, mentorship, and networking and educational events. As an industry partner, you will have access to university space and talent, as well as gain recognition and explore business development opportunities with our startup community.

Ideas, Innovations, and Investments at a Glance

  • People in the innovation hub working on a science model and discussing on a white board.


    housed at JHU innovation hubs in East Baltimore and Remington

  • A woman working on building a reusable respirator mask.

    116licenses and options

    executed in 2019

  • Chairs and desks in the Fast Forward center

    $525Mventure funding

    raised in 2019

My aim is to support clinicians through data-driven applications that improve patient outcomes. I see Johns Hopkins precision medicine courses bringing together clinicians, engineers and data scientists for the exact type of applications we would like to provide to our customers.

A headshot of Timothy Ruchti wearing a black shirt. Timothy Ruchti Director of Algorithms at Nihon Kohden USLab

Inquire About Opportunities

JHTV can help you learn more about investment and licensing opportunities.

Seth Zonies

Director, Business Development - Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures (JHTV)