Students Summer 2021

TikTok Tutoring—and More

On TikTok, Ben Straus ’21 shares his expertise to help middle school, high school, and college students around the world learn more about engineering.

Starting Young with Artificial Intelligence

In June 2019, Nathan Wang presented a bill he had drafted on K-12 AI education to his congressman. The bill, which became law on Jan. 3, 2021, includes the AI Education Act, which directs the National Science Foundation to offer grants and other support to develop AI-related curriculum and programs for K-12 students to gain AI skills, experience, and a deeper understanding of the field’s ethics and social implications.

An Energy for Change

Willa Grinsfelder ’21 is helping like-minded students prepare for careers in the renewable energy industry through the student-run Hopkins Student Wind Energy Team, which she co-founded last year.

Increasing Access to IVF

Micajah McGarity, MSE ’12, is focused on creating optimization models to make fertility services more widely accessible.

Lawn Care Made Safer

For those living with blindness, mowing the lawn can be a dangerous challenge. A team of mechanical engineering students is designing adaptive technology to allow blind individuals to carry out this task more safely.